Dr. Manoj Shah
Dr. Ramesh Patel
Dr. Amit Patel

Dr. Sudhakar Dixit
Dr. Arvind Mathur
Dr. C.V. Mehta
Dr. Swati Panse
Dr. Rajesh Patel
Dr. Ravi Raghavan
Dr. Bhaviesh Shah
Dr. Gaurang Shah
Dr. Dhrupad Joshi

Dr. Ravi Berry
Dr. Yogesh Chaturvedi
Dr. Prabhu Dhalla
Dr. Raj Sindher
Dr. Ajeet Singhvi

Inland Southern California Organization of Physicians of Indian origin
Tax exempt nonprofit 501 (C) (3) organization, Tax ID Number 46-2578722

ISCOPI is a vibrant organization of physicians of Indian origin in Inland Empire (Riverside and San Bernardino counties) area in the Los Angeles metropolis of Southern California. From modest beginnings in 2013, we have grown into a large organization with multiple activities. Our members are involved in educational and charitable activities in Southern California.

Current emphasis is on the following activities:

  1. Monthly meetings for members – Cutting edge scientific talks related to medical topics.
  2. Childhood Obesity Awareness campaigns – Our members go to Elementary and Middle Schools and present talks, posters about obesity and conduct 1-mile walk (with help of school Athletic Department).
  3. Helping the Homeless – Blanket distribution to homeless in Inland Empire.
  4. Participation in Health Fairs organized by local organizations.
  5. Health education of Seniors in Indian Community in Southern California – In collaboration with Drs. Mahesh Vyas & Jyotin Patel of Orange County and Dr. Bharat Patel of ALAPIO (Los Angeles), ISCOPI members have presented health related educational talks to various Indian Seniors Associations. We are proud to support Seniors Associations and feel fortunate to be of help to such esteem group of experienced people from whom we learned a lot.
  6. Mentorship and research opportunities to student from High School to Undergraduate college to Medical school- we consider this our solemn duty to help young people enter & flourish in health care related career.
  7. Social gatherings for members include hiking, picnic, celebration of festivals (Garba etc).
  8. Collaborations with and help other nonprofit volunteer organizations serving Indian and local communities.
  9. Fund raising benefit concerts to help charitable activities of Indian Physicians organizations in Southern California – in collaboration with ALAPIO (Los Angeles) and Orange County physicians.

Manoj Shah, MD, FAAP
President, ISCOPI